The restaurant chairs and tables that you choose go along way to dictate the ambience of your restaurant.

Restaurant chairs are not only an important part of your overall décor but they must be strong, comfortable and stable. While many people don’t spend a lot of time thinking about their restaurant furniture, it is an essential part of any restaurant’s style and the key to keeping your customers comfortable.

You need to consider what feel you are trying to create, modern, traditional, casual, elegant etc then select your style of restaurant chair. There are many styles and finishes to choose from with very different prices. Do you want your chairs with or without arms, should they stack, high back or low back, upholstered or wooden?

You also need to consider that it is the backs of the chairs that customers see when they enter your restaurant. You will want to select a chair that looks good and impresses your customer but don’t be tempted on style alone. Whatever restaurant chair you choose must also blend with the overall style of your restaurant.

Avoid buying non contract restaurant chairs, The reason restaurant chairs are more expensive, apart from the applicable regulations, restaurant chairs for contract use sometimes don’t appear to be that different from furniture intended for domestic use. However, because contract furniture is intended for heavier commercial use, it needs to be far more durable and is manufactured to ensure that it is. When any restaurant chair that is upholstered it has to meet the relevant fire standards and current legislation ensures that any upholstered furniture sold has been rigorously checked and meets safety standards (BS7177 ignition source 5/Crib 5).

Words of Wisdom

  • Take care that the back legs of your chosen restaurant chair do not extend beyond the back of the chair to avoid customers and staff tripping over the protruding legs.
  • If you want to use a restaurant chairs that has arms, make sure that the arms fit underneath the table top so that your customers can draw themselves as close to the table as they want.
  • Using upholstered chairs can absorb noise that is especially useful in restaurants with hard floors.
  • To accommodate everyone in comfort, it is worth selecting a slightly wider chair. This is especially useful in restaurants offering a fine dining experience
  • Avoid styles with lots of designs and crevices as they will be harder to keep clean and free of crumbs.

Wooden Restaurant Chairs v Upholstered Restaurant Chairs

Wooden restaurant chairs are a very popular option as they are often cheaper, easy to clean and available in a number of different finishes. They are more often seen in high customer turnover restaurants and cafes as they are not as comfortable as chairs with padded seats or fully upholstered chairs.

The padding that comes with an upholstered restaurant chair increases their comfort and the length of time your customers will stay at their table. Using upholstered chairs allows you to add colour and texture to your overall interior design as today’s contract fabric manufacturers offer an array of fabric colours and designs including ranges that are anti-bacterial and water resistant.