Rubberwood Table Tops

At Spiro Designs we are now supplying table tops manufactured from rubberwood. Rubberwood comes from the Pará rubber tree (Hevea Brasiliensis).Why is rubberwood more environmentally friendly?

Extensive plantations of rubberwood are found in Southeast Asia where they are grown to collect latex. At the end of the tree’s latex producing life (usually 20-25 years) they were traditionally just burned to the ground and new trees planted. Rubberwood is only used after its latex producing life has finished. This makes it an eco-friendly material as it is being recycled, whereas it would normally be discarded and burned.

Rubberwood has a dense grain that makes it a stable material to work with and ideal for table tops and furniture as it is almost as hard as oak. Rubberwood is not available in large pieces and therefore our table tops are usually made in a butcher-block style. These can be manufactured to any size needed for your restaurant tables, bar tables or café tables and finished with contract quality stains and lacquers to the colour you require.

Consider the environment when choosing your wooden table tops and opt for eco-friendly rubberwood.