Are You Limited On Space?

Sometimes you are limited on space; sometimes you need furniture that doesn’t move; sometimes security is an issue.

The solution to these problems is to use fast food units. These products have been around for many decades and now come in many different guises and designs to satisfy every client’s requirements.

They are ideal for school canteens, works canteens, hospital and prison environments – their uses are endless! How many times have you sat at one of these units in a cafe or a fast food restaurant? You have probably done this numerous times without thinking about it. When your space is limited, fast food units are the answer.

Available In Many Different Styles and Sizes

Fast food units are manufactured in many different styles, colours and finishes, available in two, four and six seat sizes with access from either side or just from one end if you are up against a wall. Some of the models are even available in four and six seat round or hexagonal units. As the dimensions of all of the fast food units are fixed you can accurately calculate the number of customers that you can sit in your establishment.

Our fast food units are available with floor fixing kits if required ensuring that you seating stays exactly where you put it in the first place. As fast food units are robust in their construction floor fixing appears to be more common in secure environments such as prisons where we can also provide the furniture with security fixings and welded brackets.

You will be surprised at the complete range of fast food units available today as they are not just the versions with polypropylene chairs and beige table tops seen in many an old canteen. However, this style unit is still very popular as it is economical in price, very robust and easy to clean.

Nowadays fast food units are available in styles that replicate the American Diner theme with upholstered seat and back units, stitching detail and a choice of many different coloured vinyls and fabrics. There are versions that use the popular beech veneered seats, ones with jazzy acrylic seats, upholstered seats and steel seats. The table tops can be made using a wide selection of contract laminates with various different edging details and the steel framework on many models can be powder coated in a variety of colours. With all of these choices you can individualise your seating design.

All of our products are manufactured in the UK using high grade specification steel tubes and welding processes, contract laminates and fire retardant foams and upholstery where necessary to comply with UK legislation.

How To Choose Your Fast Food Unit

It’s easy!  The options are endless, so check out the fast food section on our website.

–    Select your model
–    Select your colour
–    Select your seating configuration
–    Select your table top style