Designing a restaurant plan is not a quick 5 minute sketch on a piece of paper.  A real amount of thought must go into it – in particular the flow of traffic.  A successful restaurant has a high turnover of customers each and every day / night and for customers to continuously keep on returning, they need to be happy with the service.  Certain parts of the service you can’t control 100% i.e. your staff may have an off day and be a little less compliant with customers, but you can control the flow of traffic which does fall into service.  Customers want their food quickly, they don’t want food spilled on top of them and also they want to feel welcomed and comfortable in the environment which they are dining in.

At Spiro Designs, we have been designing and installing restaurant furniture for over 20 years.  In our experience, there are some crucial things which must be considered when designing a restaurant plan.

Flow Patterns

The flow of customers and staff must be seamless.  Customers should feel like they know where to go and should not have to squeeze past other chairs and tables.  With this in mind, it is important to choose tables which compliment both the room size and the amount of guests which you are anticipating.

Table and chair arrangement

If you are lucky to have a waiting area for customers who walk into your restaurant, you need to make this area very open and welcoming so that people are comfortable to just walk over to an empty seat and sit down.  We recommend back banquette seating as it can be fitted along the walls, thus creating a very open area.

Moving onto the restaurant area, you need to consider the following:

  1. Number of guests you can accommodate
  2. What type of dishes your restaurant supplies – i.e. there needs to be ample space on tables
  3. If you will be moving tables around frequently for suited seating arrangements
  4. Private dining areas

We recommend that there should be 50cm in-between chairs of other tables.  In selecting a suitable table, you need to first consider a table base which can accommodate the table which you desire.  View a range of our table bases and we can then recommend what kind of table top can be fitted thus giving you an idea of how many guests you can fit around it.  We can also recommend suitable table bases for tables if you need to move them frequently as you do not want heavy furniture in these cases.

For private dining areas such as booths, we highly recommend banquette seating which can be complete made to your requirements from colours, materials and shapes.

Speak to our dedicated team if you need any help in designing you restaurant plan and selecting the appropriate table bases and restaurant seating.