Tub Chairs for Restaurants, Hotels and Receptions areas

What is a tub chair? Tub chairs are generally a fully upholstered chair with a low back and arms that are either level with the back or gently slope down forming a continuous curve shape.

Tub chairs are more comfortable to sit in than standard restaurant chairs and this why you see them used a lot in reception areas, hotel lounges, and restaurant bar areas. Your customers will linger longer when they can sit in comfort whilst chatting and drinking. Tub chairs offer a touch of style to any venue.

If you are considering buying tub chairs for your restaurant, hotel, bar or nightclub then look no further than the wide range of tub chairs and designer chairs that we have here at Spiro Designs. We have a wide range of tub chairs that will suit every budget, but before you make any selection we have put together a few pointers to help you decide on the best tub chair for your venue.

Make sure that the tub chair you select is of contract quality. Furniture that is used in hotels, restaurants, pubs and bars etc is manufactured for this purpose and is far more durable than furniture made for the home. There are also very different fire safety requirements for contract tub chairs. All of our tub chairs are upholstered using only CRIB 5 specification fabrics, leathers and faux leathers. Internally they have better quality wooden frames and denser foams are used to withstand the wear and tear of everyday use in a commercial environment.

Think about the space that you have available and how many people you want to seat. Tub chairs are available in many different styles and sizes. They can be fully upholstered down to the bottom, have wooden or metal legs or feet or can have a complete wooden frame as seen in many a golf club lounge. To suit the more contemporary and retro styles that have become increasingly popular, the principle of the tub chair shape has been taken and manufactured with stylish metal frames and bases. Whatever the style of your interior you will always find a tub chair to compliment it.

Using fully upholstered tub chairs is a great way of introducing texture, colour and warmth into your restaurant, pub, bar or hotel. You can make a statement and be bold with your choice of fabrics as most tub chairs can look brilliant in some pretty daring colours and patterns.

What upholstery should tub chairs have?

We offer all of our tub chairs upholstered in a wide range of contract fabrics, leathers and faux leathers and are happy to help with your selection.

All of the fabrics that we use are CRIB 5 treated and are extremely durable with large martingale rub tests (we will cover this separately). Contract fabric companies are now bringing out ranges of fabrics that are waterproof so you get all the warmth and texture of a fabric but the ability to clean any spills just using a mild, soapy water and cloth.

Faux leather has become increasingly popular as it is both durable and easy to clean suiting high traffic venues. Faux leathers are now available in a wide range of textures and colours including metallic and patterns like fake snakeskin. Faux leather is a vinyl fabric that has been imprinted to look like leather but is sold by the linear meter making it more cost-effective to using real leather.

Using genuine leather will always be more expensive than using faux leather as we can not determine the exact size, shape or quality of a hide. Blemishes are unavoidable and therefore more material is needed, which is more expensive. As leather is also a natural product it will naturally stretch over time and in popular seating areas you will find that some puddling will occur on the seats. However on a more positive note, there is nothing quite like the smell of genuine leather and as it ages over time it can make a tub chair look beautiful and inviting to relax in.

Whatever style or budget that you have, make sure you give us a call to discuss our large range of tub chairs we are sure to have a tub chair that will look perfect in your venue.