Banquette seating can line one wall or wrap around two or three corners allowing for more people to get together around a table without feeling crowded.

Your seating selection goes a long way to help create the atmosphere that you want to achieve. Banquette seating and booth seating used with free-standing high back chairs can create a private feeling in your restaurant or club as they restrict sight lines and the seating wraps around your customers.

When using any type of fixed seating the distance between the seat and the table edge is critical as this can not be pushed back to accommodate customers getting in and out.

A wrap around booth is an ideal option for a Chef’s table in a busy kitchen as it maximizes seating and prevents your guests and staff from tripping over chairs in this busy environment.

For optional comfort the seat height of your banquette seating should be matched to its intended use. If you are using it in a night club, cocktail lounge or reception area it is typically lower as usually you will be matching it with coffee height tables or champagne tables.

Dining height banquette seating traditionally has a slightly firmer seat so that it does not collapse when your customers sit on it and create a mismatch between seat and table heights.

The key to good design is to carefully match the mix of banquette seating and free-standing tables and chairs to the size of parties that frequent your restaurant or club.

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