What is a Tub Chair?

Chairs…where would we be without them?!  There is an instant feel of satisfaction when you sit down, almost like a real relief.  As a customer in your restaurant, bar, hotel or even cafe, you need to make sure they are comfortable and when they sit down, as then they immediately feel relaxed.  So what type of chairs do you offer your customers then?

For over 20 years, Spiro Designs Ltd have been fitting contact furniture and the one type of chair which is constantly in high demand are Tub Chairs.  Why? They are different from a conventional chair, they look nothing like a dining chair from your house and can be made to suit your interior colour scheme.

The name ‘Tub Chairs‘ gives it away as to what you will get with this type of chair.  It literally does feel like you are sitting in your own enclosure, your own space, no one can sit with you (unless of course you want share!).  They are great for hotel reception areas whereby there are a lot of people who come on their own and also great for hotel guests who want to a break from their room so visit the reception area with their laptop.  We have also installed tub chairs in a lot of meeting areas – break out rooms.

As with all of the furniture which we supply, tub chairs can be completely customised to what you want.  The last thing we would want is for you to buy furniture for your establishment and it doesn’t suit!

View our range of tub chairs and if you do need more help or need help in choosing what you need, speak with us and we will advise accordingly.