Banquette Seating is one of our most in demand pieces of furniture from our customers.  It is very versatile, works great in bars, restaurants, hotels, cafe’s and pretty much any public domain.  We have decided to put together a quick Q & A of popular questions we get asked about Banquette Seating :

Where types of banquette seating do you supply?

Booth Seating :  Booth Seating is en enclosed type of seating which provides a private experience for your guests.  It’s a great solution to surround a table (both circular and rectangular).

Back Seating : This can be designed to be standalone (to your specification) or to be fitted against a wall.  It’s fantastic for creating a seating solution for long areas and will encourage people to take a seat.  We have fitted back seating in a lot of waiting area’s whereby the central area is empty, but the walls are all lined with back banquette seating.

Bespoke Seating : Completely designed to your specification from colours, size and material.  Essentially every piece of furniture which we manufacture tends to be bespoke.

What upholstery can be chosen?

This is one of the most important decision you will make.  Naturally, the upholstery is the area which gets the most wear and tare.  Leather is a popular decision as it offers a certain class to the seating and offers a hard wearing solution.  However, banquette seating does require a lot of upholstery so this can be a pricey option.  Contract vinyls are a fantastic solution as they can offer a leather like appearance and is available in an array of colours and finishes.  The price point is also a much cheaper than leather.

Do you offer a fitting service?

Yes.  We have a team of fitters who will come to your premises and make sure the banquette seating fits absolutely perfect.  We would never just simply send this via a courier and expect you to fit it yourself.

How quick can we get the seating?

The time can vary but we do appreciate that time is important.  We therefore ask for you to enquire with us and we will give you an accurate date for arrival.

Please do feel to ask us any questions you have about Banquette Seating, as we are more than happy to help using our 20 years of experience.