The inside of a busy restaurant can often be compared to central London.  Space is not easily available and how space is taken up needs to involve some creativity and often thinking outside of the box.  Banquette Seating is the primary choice for many restaurants but it’s important to remember how banquette seating can be used to utilise space.

Panel Back Banquette seating

Long walls or back walls are great for large tables.  Many restaurants use the long wall to place a long table but then they maximise the amount of people sitting in this area by using panel back banquette seating.  It allows for many people to sit together so is a great choice for groups and parties.

Panel back banquette seating can be available in a range of colours, sizes and types.  Some include a wooden type which we find a great choice for pubs or restaurants which hold a lot of character.  Other types we have fitted are very loud in colour, have great designs and are suitable for a trendy cafe.

Bench Banquette Seating

Another version of a panel back seating but this time has finished sides.  Bench Banquette Seating maximises space and is suitable for areas whereby you won’t need to move chairs around.  If you are sure seating will always be in this area, bench is a great option.  It can be manufactured to suit your exact sizes and also as with panel back seating, the material can be completely customised.

Booth Banquette Seating

Many bars now have a table service whereby guests book the table and have a minimum spend.  Booth banquette seating is perfect for these areas.  It provides a little bit of privacy with a central table so guests can all sit round together enjoying their drinks.

It’s not just bars though as restaurants also add booth banquette seating to offer a bit of diversity in the restaurant.  We fitted Asha’s bar and restaurant in Birmingham with various seating solutions, some of which include booth banquette seating. It gives diners a private experience and can often cut out a bit of the outside noise.

With all of our seating options, we also offer our advise to see how space can be utilised in the most efficient manor.  Busy restaurants look fantastic but if it looks too cramped and a bit uncomfortable, this is not the most welcoming for guests.  Always consider the different seating options available.