Your looking for chairs to go into your reception area of your hotel, or perhaps your looking for chairs to go into your restaurant  or bar.  The question is, what do you choose?  Lets debate the issue between Tub Chairs and conventional chairs.


Without a doubt, the most important aspect to consider which is the looks.  Before the personality, you will fall in love with the looks first when it comes to chairs.  Tub Chairs are distinct in the way they look.  The arms are not separate and the body is as one.  There are no gaps for the arms and so immediately this is striking as it does look much different from a conventional chair.  Conventional chairs on the other hand have a separate set of arms, some often thin, others build thick with the body.


When you look through pictures of Tub Chairs you will notice they are a low seating position.  The back is up right with arms which are connected to the body as a whole.  This offers a comfortable seating position which is perfect for posture.  Due to the chair being 1 piece, there is not a lot of flexibility with the back piece meaning you can’t slouch as easy as you could in other types of chairs.  Conventional chairs offer a little bit of flexibility in the back position thus causing a few issues.  One is it’s very easy to lean back on the back legs, which can often cause distress on the chair and the other issue is of course with posture.

Setting the scene

Meeting rooms, reception areas and bars will have a table a few tables which will be surrounded by chairs and sofas.  You can easily have a scene which looks like a classroom or the waiting area of a doctors surgery.  It’s not too inviting and a little boring.  Setting the scene is important and you your guests and visitors to be encouraged to take a seat.  Due to the distinct design features of a tub chair, the scene will be set to be both welcoming and pleasing to the eye.

If you want any help choosing Tub chairs, please contact us and we will find a solution which is best suited for your environment.