Fast food furniture has moved on considerably from the days we remember from School.  Furniture designs have had to adapt to handle more traffic, different sizes of people and ease to look after.  As an owner of a fast food establishment, there are a few things which you need to consider when you look to buy/change your furniture within your canteen or fast food restaurant.  Today we are going to discuss a few of these issues

Single Seater vs Fast Food Unit

Many cafes and fast food establishments still use single seats and there are a few restrictions when you use single seats.  You will always have the problem of having to constantly re-align them to make your furniture look smart.  People will sit down, eat their food, leave but won’t bother straightening the seats back!  When these are misplaced, it can make your place look untidy which is not a great look for customers walking in.  Secondly, single seaters generally (unless you use a tub chair) are not build very solid and can be prone to breaking especially with high volume traffic.  Fast food unit’s are the complete opposite.  As they are a ‘unit’, its a solid structure whereby the seats cannot move.  You won’t have the problem of your seats becoming un-aligned as they will always be fixed in one position.  Secondly, as this is a ‘unit’, its very strong.  You the back and lower support is solid thus making it ideal for high volumes and coping with people of various sizes.


When making your choice of fast food units, you will need to consider positioning.  Will you be placing your units directly against a side wall?  If so, we recommend you going for a fast food unit which caters for 2 seats either side of the table but the seats are combined, thus people can slide across to get to the wall side, instead of climbing over the support structure on the individual seating option.


Would you like your fast food units matching your interior design colours?  We think you should.  Create a nice environment for your customers and use furniture witch a consistent colour scheme.  Look through our range of fast food furniture and if you do see a design but it is not the right colour, don’t worry, we can manufacture it to your requirements.

If you do need any more help, don’t hesitate to get in touch and let us know your questions.