If we are lucky enough, this year in England hopefully we will see more than 2 weeks of sunshine.  England being England, sunshine or no sunshine we will still have to contend with some rain in the summer months and maybe even a few cold nights.  Customers though will hope for some good weather and any excuse to stand outside with a drink at your restaurant, bar, hotel or even cafe.  The question is, is your outdoor seating ready for another season or does it need a change?  Take a look at some of the different types of outdoor furniture which we manufacture at Spiro Designs.

Aluminium Table & Chairs

Aluminium table & chairs are light in weight and are very strong.  The mix between aluminium and other materials gives this furniture a nice minimalist look and also makes its very easy to wipe down.  The natural polished shine gives it an all year glow.  We have installed a lot of aluminium table and chairs across many bars, hotels and cafes.  It’s a great solution for outdoor furniture where you need furniture which is easy to move around.


Benches instantly add character to our surroundings.  The carpentry like finish gives these benches a great look.  They are solid, have a great look about them and offer a practical solution for outdoor seating.  We recommend treating the wood to keep its natural colour and finish.

Rattan (PVC)

Rattan (PVC) is a beautiful woven PVC effect on chairs and tables.  This is on-top of a aluminium frame so provides a strong sturdy structure underneath the woven surface.  The effect looks brilliant and is suited for stylish bars, restaurants and cafes.

Solid Wood

Perfect for Pubs, solid wood outdoor furniture is heavy, sturdy and as the name suggests, solid.  This furniture is not the type which you will want to move around a lot as it will require some manpower.  We have installed many different types of solid wood furniture in beer gardens as its a perfect type of furniture for the job.  The central tables can include umbrella holders to block out the sun for those sitting out in the beer garden too long!

Those are some of the ranges we offer in outdoor furniture but if you want more help in deciding the type you need, please contact us.