t’s fair to say that contract furniture will face a lot of human traffic.  Different shapes, sizes, weights will use the furniture and also unfortunately a lot of things will spill onto it.  As an owner looking to install banquette seating in their establishment, you will have to decide which upholstery you wish to use.  Typically at Spiro Designs, we offer 2 types of upholstery – vinyl and leather.  Today we are going to discuss vinyl and why it is becoming the favoured upholstery choice for many restaurant, cafe and bar owners.

Use colour for furniture

Vinyl is a leather look material, man made synthetic which was developed in the 1920’s by scientists wanting to develop a material which would be versatile for the manufacturing industry.  It’s base is plastic but as its mixed with other contents, it gives a leather look and feel.  As its a man made manufactured material, it can be made in any colour, which gives you the owner a lot of choice in choosing the colour you desire for your furniture.  Not only versatile in colours, it is also resistant to moisture and humidity and if something does spill on it, its easy to clean, just like leather.  Is it as strong as leather?  Well this is yet to be decided but we can guarantee you that it is definitely strong enough for the contract furniture market.  We have been using vinyl for many years and our customers love it.  The life span of this upholstery is very long and will not tear so easy.  The final and best thing about vinyl is the price.  Compare to leather, it is considerably cheaper and so if you are having large amounts of banquette seating being made, if budget doesn’t allow for leather, vinyl is an ideal cheap alternative.

If you vinyl is what you want, vinyl is what we can offer.  But before you decide this, take a look through our banquette seating range here and then contact us and we will be more than happy to help you.