Restaurant owners want to maximise the amount of seating available to them within their capacity.  More seats means more customers which means a happy owner!  Today we are going to give you some hints and tips on setting your floor plan out so that you can maximise the amount of people inside without causing too much of a tight and claustrophobic atmosphere.

Give your diners adequate room

According to industry standards, the adequate table room per diner should be 300 square inches.  What does this mean?!  Well it’s actually a lot more simple than it looks.  Say for example you had a table which was 30 inches by 72 inches and it looks comfortable to seat 8 people.  To calculate if it is right and goes by industry standards, simply find the area of the table by multiplying the length and width and then divide this figure by 300.  In this case, the area works out to be 2160 inches, divide this by 300 and the result is 7.2.  Ideally this is adequate for 7 people but where do you find rectangular / square tables with odd seats?  No where!  Therefore at a push, the table mentioned in the example could seat up to 8 people, maximum.

Next is to determine how much space is needed from the back of the chair to the edge of the table.  As we all know, we come in all different shapes and sizes.  We recommend a gap of 18 inches is needed from the back of the chair to the edge of the table.

Table layout

This is where you need to select the right style of table for your venue.  Make use of the outer perimeter as this is where you will get the most amount of seats.  In order to make the use of the perimeter, we recommend using banquette seating.  The beauty with banquette seating is the long backed seating arrangement whereby you can cater for as many diners as you can seat.  Then simply place either restaurant chairs opposite or another banquette seating style arrangement.

Within the central areas is where you would place either rectangular or square tables.  Diners in small groups, up to 4 people can easily fit around numerous amount of tables in the middle whilst your larger parties can enjoy a semi private experience with banquette seating booths running across the perimeter.

Don’t forget your staff

Remember, it’s not only space which is important but speed of service and efficiency.  Make sure there is more than enough room for your staff to get around, stand and take orders and wait.  You don’t want service slowed down anywhere so always remember clear walkways in-between tables.