We don’t like to brag about our work and sometimes show our latest pieces of work.  Every project which we work on is different, from the colour scheme to the size of the furniture right through to the materials used.  Today we want to showcase our latest project which was to manufacture banquette seating for a brand new restaurant in Cambridge called Orchid.

As a brand new restaurant, the Orchid wanted to open with a big bang and give customers a dining experience they will never forget.  We at Spiro Designs were given the brief to design and manufacture over 55 meters of Banquette Seating.

Within the restaurant, there are two main areas and five private dining rooms.  As you may have seen from our product portfolio, we offer a wide range of banquette seating and for this project, we used a few of our styles on offer.  The first being bespoke banquette seating.  As Orchid had a certain colour scheme and layouts of the room differed from each other, we needed to design and manufacture banquette seating to suit.  Mainly faux leather was used as the upholstery but made with different colours, including the stunning fuschia pink.

Along the long walls we installed button back banquette seating with both a cross and a diagonal join.  This add’s just enough detail for a desired look.  Take a look below :

We usually install the type of banquette seating above for booths but kept it open and not closed thus making it welcoming to anyone to take a seat.

Orchid also had fixed back to back seating for booth areas.  We did something a little bit different here by creating the head of the seating one piece, thus becoming a head piece for both sides of the seating as below :

The Orchid restaurant is a 2 floored venue and in the upstairs dining area, we installed roll back seating with a stunning cream and gold faux leather combination.  Once we have photographs ready for this, we will upload and show.

No project is too big or small for us at Spiro Designs and if you want some inspiration or ideas for your restaurant, take a look at our banquette seating range.  If you are ready to discuss some design ideas, our team would be more than happy to speak to you.