At Spiro Designs we are well aware that we all have different tastes when it comes to furniture.  Modern bars may want a minimalist look, traditional pubs may want their décor’ to “oose” character and some hotels might want their furniture to reflect their personality.  Today we are going to focus on the different types of bar stools which are available at Spiro Designs but more important, the article will give you some idea on what type of stool will suit your establishment.

Cafe Bar Stools

Speaking in general times, café’s tend to go for a more casual seating style which is not complicated but at the same time is also modern.  They need to be comfortable, durable and light so that they can be moved easily to accommodate diners.  A front foot bar is common within these stools as without a foot bar, the seating position would cause tiredness in the legs.  All café stools come with some form of back support which is important for people staying for a decent amount of time.
Pedestal Bar Stools
Pedestal bar stools are one of our more popular ranges as they offer a very distinct look.  A lot of modern restaurants and bars tend to go for these types of bar stools.  There are a few distinct differences between pedestal and café bar stools.  Firstly, Pedestal bar stools are weighted at the bottom.  These stools ideally are meant for a lot of movement but will hold their weight comfortably.  Secondly their foot bar is not just a straight bar like the café bar stools.  These foot bars are distinct in design and compliment the overall shape of the stool.  As you can see below, the designs of these stools are truly fabulous and are immediate eye catching pieces of bar furniture.
Wooden Bar Stools
The wooden bar stool range offers a traditional design with the use of wood and fabric to give a more traditional look.  Typically, these stools are used in restaurant bar areas and pubs.  The upholstery can be customised to suit you décor’ and you can choose to have contracted fabrics or leathers.  These bar stools will offer customers a more comfortable seated position as they offer a higher back rest when compared to the other stool range.
Metal Bar Stools
Metal bar stools are a stronger and more durable option of bar stool.  The sleek framework is ideal for commercial environments such as restaurants, night clubs, bars, schools, colleges, universities and more.  They come with chrome, stainless steel and other types of finishes.  These metal bar stools can easily be moved around without causing too much energy.
If you do need any more information on bar stools, please contact us and we will help you make the right choices.