Table bases are the foundation of your table.  It’s important that you choose the right table base as if the foundation is wrong, what’s above it won’t be right either.  A while ago, we wrote an article guiding you on how to select the right table base but today we are going to make some quick recommendations to suit different environments.


One of the most common complaint when diners eat at a restaurant is that the table was wobbly.  This can be due to a few things.  Uneven floor, poor fitting to the table or warn out table base bottoms.  At Spiro, we are one of the few specialists who offer flat table bases.  These table bases have unique technology to even out an uneven surface and make sure the table tops are also aligned.  It uses clever balancing technology to counter one of the most common diner problems faced.  For restaurants, we definitely recommend using flat table base technology.

Bars and Pubs

Pubs are full of character and it’s very often you will see pubs decked out with a wooden interior to create a traditional look which regulars feel comfortable with.  Wooden tables are most certainly suitable for pubs.  Our beautiful range of wooden tables are available in natural beech, walnut or cherry.  For Bars, minimalist, sturdy and metal tend to be the firm favourites.  Pedestal table bases from our table base range are perfect for bars.  The metal bases come in a range of shapes and sizes to suit your interior.


Hotels will need a range of table bases to suit their vast range of tables.  For the reception area, as this is the most striking and eye catching room, hotels need to make an impression.  Some distinct coffee tables are available with striking bases and some even better tops.  Or if its metal to offer a shiny, modern look, our pedestal table bases are once again a favourite here.  The heights can be adjusted to suit low seated areas.

If you need any more help, don’t hesitate to get in touch for further insight.