Night clubs are no longer just a few big rooms with different DJ’s playing in each room.  Now they have become a venue which offers much more than large dance floors.  London clubs are well known for ‘table service’ and this has now spread nationwide to clubs across the country.  Table service allows night clubs to offer a premium service for their guests whereby all drinks are sent to their table without them needing to go to the bar.  Of course, for this service, some stunning furniture is needed and this is why a lot of night clubs are turning to banquette seating.

Banquette seating is extremely versatile and can create desired environments within a section of the club without too much effort.  One of these environments can be created within booth seating, which is a type of banquette seating.  There are two forms of booth seating:


Exactly how it sounds, circular booth seating offers guests their own private area in a circular shape.  This is very popular in night clubs which offer booth seating.  Diners can all see each other, and there is ample space for a table in the middle.  The booth creates an area where you won’t need to shout to each other either so plays a great role in offering a little bit of privacy in a public area.

Back to Back

Back to back booth seating is also very popular and can be seen in many restaurants as well as night clubs.  This type of booth is great if you need to fit a lot of these as they don’t take a look of space and can easily be built in a row along the side of a room.  Similar to the circular style of seating, front facing allow guests to face directly to each other, separated by a table.

It’s not just booth seating as night clubs do need to cater for couples or small groups and this is where small tables with some beautiful chairs are required.

The beauty with the Spiro Designs range of banquette seating is the ability to completely customise it.  We do supply a wide range but don’t forget, all of the colours can be altered to suit your requirements and also a range of materials can be used.  All of the materials which we supply for furniture is made for high traffic and ideal for the contract furniture market so don’t worry, your furniture will last a long time.

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