At Spiro Designs a lot of the furniture which we supply contains wood which is a fantastic material due to its diverse nature and different types of wood finished available.  Within our banquette seating range, wood often makes the base of the seating with a large area of it exposed.  As we supply to the contract furniture market where there is a large amount of traffic, It’s inevitable natural wear and tear will occur, especially with banquette seating which has a lot of exposed wood.  Today we are going to focus on some easy tips for you on how to maintain the wooden exposed areas of your contact furniture seating.

Dust regularly


Despite it sounding obvious, this is something which should be carried out regularly.  Old wood can be sensitive to water so it’s important that you dust with a dry cloth.  If desired, you could also use a little bit of paint thinner and then rub down with a dry cloth to buff the surface.

Use wax

To increase the gloss, we recommend using a scent free and colour free white wax just once a year to apply a finish which will remove finger prints and typical marks which you will see.  Due to using a wax and the longevity of wax, we recommend only doing this a couple of times a year and be careful to wipe excess off from metal finishes if it does go on them.

Keep the original look

Sometimes when the marks and scuffs are so severe you might be tempted to strip the wood.  We really don’t recommend anyone to do this as this will remove the original finish on the wood.  More than often, the original finish is the one which stores all of the character and makes the wood that much beautiful.  Instead, work with the scuffs and marks but instead look at them as character building for the furniture and stick to glossing the surface.  Try your best to keep an original finish.

Be careful what you use

A lot of the cleaning products available actually do more harm than good because of the chemicals inside them.  In the long run, residue build-up an affect polished once the chemicals seep into the wood.  We strongly advise to use the directions as explained above to ensure your furniture maintains an original, stunning finish.

Of course, not all of our banquette seating range has a wooden finish, but for the ones which do, you now know how to maintain it without too much effort.