As a restaurant or cafe owner, you will be moving tables, putting some together, splitting them up day to day to accommodate your customers.  After a while, all of this movement on the legs will cause them to become slightly out of alignment.  Your floor isn’t perfectly horizontal either so you will notice after a while that tables become wobbly, and you will be attending to them, sliding folded napkins underneath.  Wobbly tables is one of the customers worst experiences but thankfully there is a very clever solution for wobbly tables.  Flat tech.

Flat Tech

Flat Tech is the number one solution for wobbly tables.  Using patented technology, it incorporates a unique system in table bases, underneath each leg.  It’s a self levelling and self stabilizing solution and no matter how much you try to knock it into un-even positions, it will self level.  So how does it work?


An internal fluid braking system which uses the gravitational force of the product to set the table level.  It has hydraulic communication between each support element meaning any table base which as been manufactured by Flat tech will find its surface.  The 4 point contact with the ground force fluid from each foot to balance using the fluid braking system and then locks into place.  Clever hey?

Our Range

We stock a range of table bases which incorporate Flat tech :

Bondi Flat tech base

Aluminium table base which is light but very strong with built in Flat Tech.

Kirribilli Large Flat tech base & Kirribilli Flat tech base

Cast iron base with flat technology built in.

We do have a larger range available at our dedicated Flat tech base website :

Don’t let wobbly tables put off your customers and disrupt your service.  Contact us and let us know how we can help you with our flat table bases.