You will have seen us talk a lot about bespoke banquette seating and being able to customise a piece of furniture to suit your needs, but today we are going to focus on exactly what are the limits and what can you customise.  After all, almost everything has a limit and at Spiro Designs sometimes we don’t believe there is a limit!  Here are some basic principles to give you a rough idea.


Size is always the issue whenever you are choosing a type of banquette seating for your restaurant, bar or reception area.  Will it fit?  Will it look too big?  Common issues which everyone will think about.  Size is customisable, and we fully appreciate that not everyone is going to have the same size room.  If you have a look through our recent clients you can see that vast variety of seating we have installed.  Generally speaking, no job is too big and no job is too small.  As banquette seating often runs alongside a wall, this can be a large space and we can accommodate to this.  At the Orchid restaurant in Cambridge, we installed over 55 meters of banquette seating.  The issues sometimes are faced in height as we don’t often have a lot of flexibility with height, but be assured, length is not a problem or fitting into a corner.


We have worked with many interior designers who are in charge with creating the look for the room and at times, we have had to incorporate some very jazzy designs!  Take for example the Opus Cafe at Ikon.  The back seating fabric matches the interior and it is not a solid colour – this is a patterned design.  At times we have also customised back button banquette seating whereby each button is a different colour, compared the the colour of the seat itself.


There are two main fabrics which you can choose from.  One being contract vinyl and the other being leather.  With contract vinyl we have a lot more freedom in terms of colour options so if it is something which is odd or different, you will have more chance in getting this colour in contract vinyl.  With leather we are not so flexible.


Of course, the price is bespoke and tailored to exactly what you need.  We will help you get exactly the right style of banquette seating for your budget and we will make recommendations to suit. For example, we might recommend using contract vinyl as a fabric to lower the cost.

We hope this short guide in bespoke banquette seating has helped but obviously there is a lot more to it and we would work closely with you to build the perfect banquette seating you require.