We talk a lot about furniture at Spiro Designs as we feel that as a restaurant, hotel, cafe or even a bar owner, you need to understand what there is available in the hospitality market which will build you the environment that you need in your establishment.  We have discussed a lot about the different types of furniture available but today we are going to focus on deciding on one of the two main types of banquette seating which we manufacture: booth and back.  What do you choose?  Here is our guide for the various hospitality venues in the UK.


Restaurants should be a lively, busy venue with people chatting, staff whizzing around serving hot food, taking orders and people generally having a great time.  Customers will dine as a couple, celebrating a special occasion, friends will meet up to catch up and others will hold their birthday parties.  Choosing the right type of seating is critical for a restaurant.  There needs to be an element of flexibility and also an offer of privacy when needed.  We believe restaurants succeed when they use both booth and back banquette seating.  Booth seating offers privacy for groups.  Circular designs are available whereby guests will sit round a circular table and the sound is almost enclosed within that area and the diners can make noise without troubling other guests.  Design wise, the restaurant can place it’s booths near to each other on the perimeter of the floor space.  Within the main space, back seating can be used to cover a large area and then you can decide what size of tables to place in front of the back seating – table for 2, 4 and even 6.  The back seating will easily accommodate and singular chairs can be used opposite to create a unit.  We have done a similar setup for Ashas restaurant in Birmingham.


Cafes are an open space and people tend not to sit down for as long as they do within a restaurant.  They are a great catch up venue, people quickly meeting for a coffee or even grabbing a sandwich during their 45 minute lunch hour.  Back banquette seating is ideal for a cafe.  Along the back walls, a single row of back seating can help accommodate guests, keep it open and inviting for people to sit down.  You (the cafe owner) can then place singular chairs opposite to set units.

Night Clubs

Booth banquette seating is a big hit with night clubs, especially venues which offer table services.  Generally speaking, table serviced venues require a minimum spend on the table and guests really make the effort for this night as they are aware they are going to be spending a lot of money that night!  With that being the case, booth seating is important.  It creates a private intimate area.  The circular booth is special for this and they can be decorated with the most imaginative designs as bespoke banquette seating is available.


Bars are like a restaurant whereby they have to accommodate  a lot of different types of custom.  Couples, friends, birthday parties, large groups all venture to bars for different occasions.  Bars however generally don’t want too much intimacy but just enough.  With this being the case, generally we have installed back to back banquette seating whereby there are booths, but they are much more open.  They are not closed and we very welcoming to people to take a seat.  It allows people to sit opposite each other but still allows them to freely go to an open area and others to take a seat.

We hope this has given you some insight in choosing the right type of furniture for your hospitality venue.  View our complete range of banquette seating here and if you need any more help, please let us know!