We have discussed table bases before whereby we outlined that depending upon your table top, you might choose certain table bases i.e. to either show off the legs or not.  In a lot of the installations we are doing today, we noticing that interior design is a key part and modern restaurants, bars and hotels are focusing on using furniture which reflects their personality or type of feel they want to portray.  We stock a wide range of table bases but today we are going to focus on detailed table bases for those of you who want to show off those legs and let the customers admire.

Table Bases

Continental range

The continental range offers a very complex table leg which shows some fantastic details.  The first is the smallest in size and accommodates table tops to the maximum size of 760mm round or square.  It’s manufactured from cast aluminium EPPC and is in black.  This type of table base would be perfect for a couple, possibly in a café or restaurant.

The next in size is the large art deco style dining base which is also manufactured from cast aluminium EPPC in black.  It’s perfect for table tops up to 1000mm round or square and is 700mm high.  This type of table base would accommodate 4 people comfortable and is ideal for cafes, restaurants or even pubs.

The final table we want to show from the Continental range is the Continental Rectangular, art deco style dining table.  This is for table tops which measure up to 1200x700mm which should accommodate up to 6 people.  As it’s moving to a larger scale, this table would be most suited for a pubs and restaurants which frequently seat family’s.

Selecting the right table base is crucial as it will determine the size of the table top.  It’s important to plan your seating area first, work out how many people and where you would like to seat them before dwelling into the table bases.  Once you know this information, then you can select suitable table bases to accommodate the table tops you require.

If you need any help or advise, please contact us and we will be more than happy to offer any assistance!