When entering your establishment one of the first things that your customer will see is the furniture that you have chosen. Whether your venue is a high street café or high end gourmet pub you will need furniture. When people are asked what makes them opt to spend time in a particular restaurant or bar the venue’s décor and atmosphere is top of their list of priorities.

Budget will be a key consideration when choosing chairs and tables, but remember your furniture needs to be both functional and suitable for its intended use. The style of your chosen tables and chairs will instantly tell your customers what kind of venue you are, it is a key part of your restaurant, bar or bistro and something that every customer will both use and see. Whether customers have popped in for a quick drink or for a leisurely meal it is important that you make them comfortable.

Styles & Trends

Wooden tables and chairs were originally synonymous with country pubs, but these are being used today in many coffee shop chains creating a more welcoming and warmer ambiance. Wooden chairs and tables are available in numerous different wood colours but if you are looking for a splash of colour they can also be spayed in a variety of colours.
Gourmet pubs and restaurants have been following an industrial style lately and this is continuing to increase in popularity. Unpolished wooden tabletops and metal chairs are all key parts of this design. This look can be softened by including banquette seating that is upholstered in a range of contrasting fabrics.
For the café scene we are starting to see a move away from the simple, plywood seat chairs to an amazing array of chic and colourful chairs with plastic or polypropylene seats. This colourful style has recently been used in a very well known department store in London.
You can blend the old with the new to stand out from the crowd. This creates an interesting look, but even though the furniture looks like it has all just been thrown together this look requires a lot of thought to get it totally right.
If you are not involving an Interior Designer with you furniture selection, consider using furniture from a single range of complimentary products specifically designed to go together. Contract fabric manufacturers are also creating ranges of fabrics that work together. So by taking pieces of furniture, upholstered in different fabrics it still looks as if you have mixed it up to create something unique.
 You can create areas throughout your restaurant, bar or café with different heights of furniture that allows your customers to choose how they want to experience your venue. By including soft seating areas with low or mid height tables you offer your customers a relaxing place to enjoy a cup of coffee or leisurely drink. There are still many people who enjoy a drink at a bar so consider adding a couple of bar stools and poseur tables to your design.
Remember the furniture that you choose is a key part in creating the overall ambiance of your venue and it is important that you get this right and make your customers feel comfortable so that they want to return to again and again.