There are so many different styles of table bases that is often quite confusing as to which is the best to use in your restaurant, bar, café or bistro.

The first thing you need to consider is your interior décor scheme as table bases are available in different finishes from wood to highly polished chrome and then you need to decide whether or not you will be using table cloths.

If you are going to be using table cloths, then most of the table base will be hidden by the overhang of the cloth and the restaurant chairs around the table. In this instance you can opt for a very simple black pedestal table base that just fades into the background.

For establishments that are going to be using solid wood, veneer or laminate table tops that are permanently on show there are many styles to choose from.

Cafes and college refectories usually choose a simple café chair with chrome legs, laminate table tops and a simple chrome pedestal table base works well with this design scheme. The chrome finish provides a contemporary look to the café tables.

Table bases that are finished in chrome or stainless steel also work well with today’s modern interiors and the urban, industrial decors that are so popular. By using a stainless steel table base with bare wooden table tops and steel chairs you instantly create the urban look. Brightly coloured polypropylene café chairs in new, trendy styles are making a comeback and are featured in some high profile department stores. This style of décor is filtering into more and more cafes and bistros.

Simple black powder coated table bases can fade into the background when surrounded by chairs and are particularly good to use when you have chosen a wooden framed restaurant chair. If you have a traditional styled interior and want to make more of your table base there are also decorative, black table bases available. Both black metal table tables and wooden table bases are still the most common choice of table base for restaurants and gourmet pubs.

The different styles of pedestal table bases are usually available in various heights allowing to use the same styled base throughout your restaurant, bar or bistro.

Things To Consider

You need to decide how many restaurant tables that you require and how many customers will be sitting at each table. The following dimensions are for guidance purposes only as there are no hard and fast rules.

Casual Dining & Bars

600 or 700mm round or square for two people

800 or 900mm round or square for four people

1000mm round for five people

1200mm round for six people

Formal Dining

750mm round or square for two people

1000mm round or square for four people or 1200x750mm Rectangular

1200mm round for six people

1500mm round for eight people

Are you going to be moving the tables about?

If you think you are going to be moving your restaurant tables around quite a lot or moving them together to accommodate larger groups then you really need to consider the weight of the overall table. Pedestal table bases with a simple cruciform base are much better suited for this type of use. The ones with the large square or round floor bases have a cast iron weight in them for the stability and can be much heavier to move about.