1 – Are you going to be using table cloths or not?

If you are using table cloths then the style of your table base can be very simple. A plain black cruciform base will fade into the background when supporting a table top with table cloth. Once you have put the chairs around the table, you no longer notice the table base.

If you are going to use bare tables or just use mats or runners along the table top, your table bases become more visible. In a restaurant or pub where the use of wooden framed chairs is more common these do hide a lot of the table base so you can still opt for a simple black pedestal base or if your décor is more traditional, a wooden pedestal base

Café culture is a little different, when modern chrome framed chairs are used chrome or stainless steel table bases compliment this look.

2 – Table Sizes

Most table bases belong to a family of bases in the same style and finish to accommodate a range of table top sizes. For stability single pedestal table bases have a maximum table top size that they can support usually up to 1200mm diameter or 900mm square. For table tops that are longer in length you then need to use a twin pedestal table base to get the support required. For added flexibility that allows you to accommodate larger groups it is best to keep one dimension of square and rectangle tables the same so that they can be pushed together if required.

3 – Table Height

In recent years there has been a shift in interior design where we are now seeing various different height tables used throughout the same restaurant, bar or café as establishments offer their customers different types of dining experience. Many table bases are now available in four different heights, standard dining height, poseur table height for use with bar stools, lounge height approximately 575mm that works well with tub chairs and more casual seating and coffee table height for use with sofas and soft seating.

4 – Finish

There are different finishes for table bases that work with all different styles of interior design themes. Cast iron and many metal bases are usually powder coated in a black finish. Stainless steel and chrome bases work extremely well in today’s contemporary interiors. Wooden table bases continue to be a popular choice and these are always available finished to the wood colour you require or can be painted in different colours.