We thought it would be helpful if we showed examples of restaurant tables that we have supplied to different types of venues from restaurants, cafes and colleges. This will help you to decide what type of table would be best suited for your establishment and we are covering the two most common types of table the hospitality industry uses.

Wooden Tables

Wooden tables add warmth to your restaurant or bar and the ones shown above are finished in a rich mahogany colour that really shows off the tableware. They are a complete wooden table with a wooden four leg frame.

You do not have to use a complete wooden table to still enjoy the beauty of using such a natural product. Using wooden table tops on metal pedestal table bases works well with the industrial style interior designs schemes that have become popular. The image on the below shows beech table tops used in conjunction with a wooden chair and banquette seating.

If you are looking for a wooden table top that is more economically priced then there is always the option of using a wood veneer table top. These table tops are manufactured with an MDF core that has wood veneer glued to the surface and then it can be finished in the same way as solid wood tables.

The benefit of using a solid wood rather than a veneer is that you can always sand them down and re-polish or stain them time and time again.

Laminate Table Tops

Tables that are made up from a metal pedestal table base and a laminate table top are very popular in hard working environments such as canteens, colleges and cafes. They are extremely easy to clean and you can be very creative with your interior designs scheme as laminates come in so many colours, patterns and more exotic wood grain finishes.

Laminate table tops are typically manufacture from laminated MDF with a polished edge profile that can be stained or coloured to match your choice of laminate or left in a natural polished finish. Complimenting protective edging strips can also be applied to this type of table top such as aluminium or PVC. 

If you want to give a laminate table top an even more luxurious feel that can be manufactured with a built down edge giving the perception that the table top is lovely and deep as seen below. In this process the same laminate is used to face the edges.The two types of restaurant tables that we have covered are the most popular ones used in most types of establishment. However, we do offer a full range of bespoke table tops and also Werzalit table tops for outdoor use. For more information, please contact us.