The furniture you choose says a lot about your restaurant, bar or pub. Customers notice the design and decorations as soon as they come in, and it’s the majority which judge immediately with what they see. There are some important things to consider when buying restaurant chairs and this article will help you selecting the right chair not only just for decor but for practicality too.

Have you measured for arms?

Are you considering to use chairs with arms or not? If you have, you need to consider the space implications arms have as they are a wider width at the arms compared to the width of the foot base. This might seem straight forward but on average, where you can fit 3 chairs with no arms, you will only be able to get 2 chairs. Multiply this difference by how many tables you have and capacity, this has an implication on serving space. Of course this is only if you are trying to maximise floor space, but if not, restaurant chairs with arms won’t be an issue!

What is the height of your table?

This only applies to those who are using restaurant chairs with arms. Have you considered if there is clearance when you tuck the chair under the table? I.e. the arms need to fit under the table, otherwise when you want to make space, you unfortunately won’t have much room. Make sure the height of your table underside clears the top of your chair arms.

Will you be clearing space for a function room?

Many restaurants and pubs offer rooms to be hired out for functions. If you also do this, where will you store the chairs from the tables? Make sure they are stackable. Don’t assume all chairs are stackable as this is not the case. If the chair is not stackable, your will not be able to pile one on top of the other to stack and save space. This is where are practicality tips come in as this is often overlooked. If in doubt, ask us and we will be able to tell you if a chair is stackable.

Subtly match your interior decor

Chairs are a great focal point to compliment your interior décor. This means, don’t use all of your primary colour on the chair, but simply use the secondary colour which compliments your main colour. For example, if you see the photo below, the chairs are grey which goes well with the other colours but is not seen anywhere else in the room. If you want to really go for a different look, we can customise the chairs to suit your taste, so be sure to ask us.

Padded back or no padded back?

A little bit of psychology will kick in with your choice here. If you use very comfortable chairs, diners will be inclined to stay for longer. This is no problem if you are a restaurant whereby guests stay for a while but if you are a café or a pub and people tend to stop for a quick bite to eat, you might want to go for something comfy, but not as comfy as the chair we discussed earlier. A high turnover of customers will require a chair which will be comfortable for that amount of time so consider this when you choose your seating.

Speak to us if you need any help and if you want to see any examples of our work, see our case studies! Or if you want to see some lovely restaurant chairs, go for it!