A couple of weeks ago, we looked at fixed seating for pubs and how they make a practical solution for many pubs. Today however, we want to focus on fixed seating for restaurants as they add some surprising additions for your restaurant!

A great way to make use of walls

Walls can be tricky when aligning tables and chairs to them; how do you maximise the space along the whole wall? Fixed seating provides a great solution for this. Take a look at the picture below:

There are 3 tables aligned against the wall, but there is 1 row of fixed seating against the wall. This helps massively and gives you so much flexibility in terms of accommodating more people. If say for instance you wanted to place a larger table along the wall, you would only need chairs for 1 side as opposite will be fixed seating.

Give your diners privacy

Birthdays, celebrations and even romantic meals are even better with a bit more privacy. It changes the whole dynamic of the meal and gives you your own space within a busy environment. You can achieve this through booths, which are 2 sets of fixed seating aligned against each other:

As a restaurant owner, you can then offer a booking service on your private booths and even take some ideas from famous pub chains who offer built in TVs inside the booths too (for the casual restaurant).

Give your dining space a dynamic look

Imagine your diners walking into a room where all of the tables and chairs are the same. A little bit boring perhaps? Fixed seating in the form of booths or long walls will add dynamics on your floor space. It gives your diners more options; private table? Long wall seat? Let them choose and give them something different.

We are a huge fan of private booths and we have setup some beautiful floor plans in the past that really help in defining and creating an atmosphere. Asha’s in Birmingham is a good example of this.

A large circle of fixed seating, and within the circle there are tables and chairs. This really sets the room up to be different. Aside to this, there are private booths that run alongside the wall. This creates a busy and vibrant atmosphere with sound being projected from different areas of the busy dining floor.

Customise to suit what you want

We encourage restaurant owner to take inspiration from other restaurants and don’t ever feel like something is impossible. Just like the great architect Frank Gehry says, “why can’t I?” Don’t hold back on your design ideas and what you want to achieve. All of our fixed seating is customisable so we can build that dream interior you desire for your restaurant! Get in touch with our team of experts if you need any advice.