It can be difficult when you are faced with the task of designing or updating your furniture inside your bar, restaurant or hotel. Sometimes you can’t see what would look good although you know you want to have a change. This article will show you some great outside of the box thinking in terms of looks and designs which then might give you inspiration and guidance when it comes to updating your furniture.

It’s ok to look bare

Above is a simple table top on top of a minimal table base. This is a great example of contemporary meeting comfort as our client in this case wanted to showcase minimal design. There isn’t much in terms of size, but it perfectly suits the room and surrounding furniture. Don’t be scared to consider the approach of less is more.

You don’t have to be uniform

Mixing a few elements can give you a distinct look without even trying. Take the example below. There are 2 different table tops used, with a wooden plain bare wood finish in the middle which creates a distinct different look. The restaurant chairs have also been mixed up to add diversity and bring a little bit of life to the layout and theme.

Stripes are in

It’s not only Paul Smith who can enjoy stripes in his clothing designs. You can add stripes to bring a little bit of zest to your furniture and attract the views of your customers. It’s great for seats because these are the areas where you want your customers to go to therefore add some stripes to them and they will come.

Don’t overdo it, but just enough will give your room some instant character.

3 is not a crowd when it comes to colours

Don’t just think to use 2 colours when you are planning your look and feel. We highly recommend going for 3 colours which can all complement each other. It also allows you to mix up your furniture from time to time to give it a fresh look without actually making any big changes.

With the layout above, the 2 colours for the stools and tub chairs both complement the table. Even if you take the stool away, the table and tub chair still go well with each other.

Sometimes a fresh set of eyes can really bring some new ideas and make you think wow! As you look at your hotel, restaurant or bar every day, your creative inspiration might be a little flat, but don’t worry, be a little bit brave, consider some of the points above and you should start to visualise some nice changes. Of course, we are always on hand to help should you need it.