If you are new to contract furniture you may not have come across pedestal table bases before although you might have heard the term “pedestal” mentioned a lot of times. Well in terms of furniture, it’s not different to what you expect based on what your understanding is of “pedestal”. In this article, we are going to show you some examples of pedestal table bases and highlight they deserve the name pedestal for a type of table base!

Give your table top more prominence

A lot of modern restaurants and cafes are going for a nude look whereby there is no table runner or cloth used on top of the table. Why hide something so beautiful? This is where a pedestal base comes into its element. It’s perfect to show something off, such as a beautiful table top. The base elevates the top but using a column like structure, with the height not exceeding three times its average least lateral dimension.

Less space taken up underneath the table top  

Long gone are the conventional tables where the legs are supported on both sides of the table top. This causes a nightmare in terms of positioning seats as it’s uncomfortable for your customers when their legs are aligned directly against the table legs. The pedestal table base sits directly in the centre of the table top and so saves on a lot of room. The bases are naturally heavier but this is so that the weight can be taken if items are placed on the edge of the table top. It’s still easily moveable should you need to move these table bases elsewhere.

Pedestal table bases are smart

Wobbly tables are one of the most common complaints restaurants receive. Due to the table base being in the middle of the table top, it can be hard to make the table less wobbly. Using FLAT technology, you can actually have pedestal table bases which self-level and balance. There is no need to set the table straight, it will automatically work it out and if you are using other tables connected with each other, the self-levelling systems will level alongside each other.

See some of our recent clients where we have installed pedestal table bases. Should you need any help in selecting pedestal table bases for your restaurant, café or bar, we will be more than happy to help.