We have been supplying FLAT Technologies self-levelling table bases to our customers since their launch in the UK. Spiro Designs has seen many products over the years that claim to stabilize wobbly tables but, when we were first introduced to FLAT’s hydraulic technology system we had at last found a range of table bases that really did work.

We have many happy customers who have used the self-levelling bases inside and outside their bars, cafes and restaurants. In turn, they have many happy customers as their tables no longer wobble. They no longer need to try and stabilize their tables with the use of folded napkins or beer mats.

Since the launch of FLAT bases we have always been asked the same question, can we fit the self-levelling system to our existing table bases? It is not possible to retro fit the existing system used in the auto-adjust bases due to way it is manufactured. However, FLAT Technologies listened and the solution…

Introducing FLAT Equalizers

FLAT Equalizers use the same hydraulic technology seen on the self-levelling table bases but inside individual feet.

FLAT Equalizers can be retro fitted to existing table bases that have threaded feet.  Available in three common thread sizes M6, M8 & M10 to fit a wide range of table bases.

So, if your restaurant, bar, bistro or café has an uneven floor and your staff and customers are frustrated by wobbly tables, FLAT Equalizers could be the solution.

Click to see Flat Equalizers in action

Flat Equalizers have been rigorously tested at FIRA (The Furniture Industry Research Association). To see what they went through incase you have any doubts click here