Over the years we have received a lot of questions around banquette seating. No question is a silly question and we encourage all our customers to ask away! Below are a list of some frequently asked questions, but as always, if there is anything else you would like to know, please get in touch.

How high is banquette seating?

Because banquette seating is bespoke and made to your needs, it really is up to you, but here are some general guidance suggestions. As a starting point, we recommend you think about the area where the seating is going because this will determine the depth and height. Generally speaking, height of the frame is anything from 90cm to 120cm and the seat should be no higher than 50cm. This will give people ample of height so that their feet sit comfortably on the floor. However, in some situations, its good to go for an over pronounced back so that it doesn’t look lost against the wall.

When it comes to depth, again this does depend on space in the room, but averages range from 55cm to 70m. We wouldn’t recommend going any higher.

In terms of length, this is completely dependent on your needs – do you want your whole wall covered? Just the corner? Each environment is different, so you let us know and we can guide you.

Is banquette seating comfortable?

Absolutely but only if shortcuts are not made. Many people often complain about their sofas at home losing their ‘bounce’ or ‘firmness’ and this is because the quality of the sponge is not great. The same applies with banquette seating. High volume traffic areas will require a firmer sponge, hardwearing so that it lasts. When the right support is added you won’t have any customers complaining about an uncomfortable seat.

What upholstery can be used for banquette seating?

As this is a bespoke product, there are a wide range of materials available. There are some different materials better than others though depending on where the banquette seating is being used. For example, leather is a great option for fast food establishments or cafes due to the wipe easy nature. For waiting areas, reception areas or even some pubs, a suede options adds a level of luxury. Its popular for night clubs and VIP sections.

If there is anything we can help with, please get in touch as we are happy to work with you to find the right solution for your establishment.