Restaurants are in all shapes and sizes. Some will cater for 10 people, whilst others will cater for 100. It ranges massively, but one thing which is consistent within every restaurant is the different types of seating. There are so many options and so in this article we are going to take you through them.

Fixed seating is exactly what it says. Its fixed to the floor or/and wall and cannot be moved. Don’t let this alarm you though as when planned right, you can maximise all of the space in the room.

Walls in the room are a great way to start planning. Here we see a lot of our clients plan from the outside in. This is because they make use of the wall… and all of it! You can see an example here below, banquette seating has been used across the full stretch of the wall. Then by using separate backs, booths can be created.

The other option is to again follow the principle above, but rather than booths, you can open it out with tables and chairs. This is great for small rooms where you want to make the room appear bigger, but best of all it gives you flexibility so if you need to add tables together to make a bigger setting, you can, and then when you need to do the opposite and make it suitable for smaller servings, you can. The example below shows this flexible setup

Now for the middle of the restaurant, again there are more options. Luckily, banquette seating does not require walls, and can be setup as a standalone feature. You might see options like this in fine dining restaurants, and the great thing about this it creates a little bit of privacy for diners even though they are in the middle of the room, as you can see below:

Back To Back Banquette Seating

Have a think about other options such as stools or chairs. They make a big difference. Don’t be put off by stools as it might seem ‘informal’ but we have stools setup in VIP areas of night clubs and even bars.

Have a think about the seating you would like in your restaurant, and if you are stuck for ideas, visit our clients page; some of the installations might inspire you.