McDonalds have currently made a step in revamping their restaurants with a new look and feel and smarter ways to order food. Something they have also paid attention to is their seating plans which have transformed drastically. It’s a good example of how 1 size does not fit all, and you need to think about your different types of customers, how they dine and what their expectations are.

Do they come in 1, 2, 3 or more?

How do your customers come throughout the day, are they dining alone? Dining together or dining in groups? McDonalds thought about this and so used a mixture of stools and banquette fixed seating. The fixed seating caters for 4 diners comfortably but it is flexible for possibly 5 or 6 people due to the bench style seating. This means there are no individual seats.

Banquette booth seating

The stools are placed in lines too, so it doesn’t look out of place in the restaurant. This offers encouraged for people dining alone to sit together. The stools are fixed in place which works great as the restaurant won’t look untidy with misplaced furniture. An example of this can be seen below


Where to place different types of furniture?

As McDonalds have used fixed banquette seating, they have kept these on the perimeter of the restaurant meaning they go alongside the back and side walls of the building. This is where they can get the maximum amount of booth seating in their floorspace without it looking overcrowded.

Then to utilise the central space, the have used single bar stools congregated together around a few large tables.

Is it time for a change for you?

Utilising the seating floorspace can dramatically transform the amount of customers you can accommodate through a little thought and some clever solutions. We have integrated different types of seating styles in many restaurants across the UK. Even though we did not fit out McDonalds restaurants, we still like to showcase examples of solutions which many of us will have seen personally.

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