Choosing furniture can be a daunting task which requires some time to think about things properly. Size, where it will go, how long It will last are some of the frequent concerns, but one which is thought on later on in the buying process is material. It’s understandable that generally the first thought is looks and colour but let’s talk about material today, in particular faux leather. A versatile material which our customers love, and here are the reason why:

1. Custom colour

We have installed furniture in some beautifully created restaurants over the years and we can have some unique interior design decorations. Colour matching to these can be difficult with natural fabrics, but faux leather can be colour matched. If it’s a certain shade of green, we can match the colour, and likewise, If it’s a certain shade of red, we can do the same. Colour is not a limitation.

2. Wipe clear surface

It’s well know that drinks or food will spill by accident on furniture in bars, restaurants, night clubs and even pubs. Sometimes, the spill may not be seen to immediately, so the liquid or food residue has chance to sit there for a while. This is where faux leather becomes advantageous due to its wipe clean surface. Hot water and a soap can usually clean anything away, but if it is a little more stubborn, faux leather can handle more stronger cleaner solutions to get rid of the stain. This is where fabric would be at a disadvantage due to the stain remaining within the fibres, but faux leather, no problem as it does not retain moisture.

3. Feels and looks like real leather

If you put faux leather and leather side by side, there is hardly any visual differences in appearance. For customers, they will not know the difference, if they are sitting on real leather or faux leather. Perhaps the creases and smell of real leather will give it away, but no one will be inspecting this close.

4. Durability

Faux leather is extremely durable, even more so than real leather. This is because of the way it is made and woven, which gives it an added strength. Perfect for high volume traffic areas.

5. Same appearance

Because faux leather is man-made, all stock will be uniform and exactly the same shade / colour. Real leather comes from different sources, so a large piece of material might be made up of a few sources meaning there could be some inconsistencies.

6. Competitive

Compared to leather, faux leather is much more competitive with price. As it’s easily available and doesn’t cost a lot to produce, the cost is much cheaper than real leather

7. Choice

Faux leather is available in 2 different types of texture; PVC and poly. Poly materials are much more versatile and are easier to maintain whilst PVC can be a little trickier. We recommend using poly, but its down to customers preference.

We hope you found this useful in understanding the pro’s of using faux leather. We have used it a countless number of times on furniture such as banquette seating.

If you need any more information, please get in touch via the contact button at the top and we will be happy to help