Use colour for furniture

There are no limits when choosing colour; it really is only limited by your imagination. When you choose certain colours, it can make the look and feel of your venue completely change. Here are 5 ways to use colour in the right way.

1. Subtle touches can make the biggest impact

You can use multiple colours in various different ways but don’t always think you need to go bold with all colours. We recommend using a strong base colour, lifted by a light colour. We recently implemented this split panels, used with banquette seating. You can see from the image below, you can further compliment the light colour through additional furniture:

High Roll Back Fixed Banquette Seating

2. Don’t be afraid of the dark

Dark rooms often don’t need to be lifted through light colours. This is a common misconception. Dark colours beautifully compliment dark rooms. In some night club VIP areas which we have furnished, we have recommended clients to consider colours such as dark gorgeous purples, luxurious gold and even silver. Here you can see a bar stool, which although is black on the frame, its complimented with a dark purple for the seat

Bar stool

3. Use a colour chart for inspiration

Unless you work in creative design where you will be familiar with a wide range of colours, if someone mentioned fern to you, you might think of Fern Cotton rather than the colour fern which is a variation of green. Search on Google or even Pinterest for ‘colour grid’ and you will see some beautiful pallets which will show you a huge range of colour options. This can help spark your imagination and show you colours you may not have even thought about previously.

4. Don’t mix patterns with patterns

Patterns generally don’t mix well with patterns. It looks too busy and its almost as though the 2 main colours and competing rather than complimenting. Use a solid colour instead with a pattern; perhaps a solid or simple pattern mixed along with a complex pattern. We implemented this feel for Ashas, in Birmingham. They had a stunning huge banquette seating area which had a subtle striped colour. Ashas complimented this with a complex pattern and we think it worked beautifully.

5. 3 is not a crowd

If you are putting together a colour pallet for your venue, don’t limit to just 2 colours. This is common and there is nothing wrong with it but you can be limited. 3 colours can transform the look. The best way to look at 3 colours is the first choose a 2 main primary colours and then a 3rd as an accent. The 3rd colour can be used to lift in some areas of the room which could need a little sprucing up. For example, black and grey could be your primary colours, and purple could be your accent colour. If you need inspiration on this, canva have a brilliant post on colour combinations which work well together.

As always, if you need help, we are always available.