Seating guide for bars, pubs and restaurants

There is an abundance of styles of seating to choose from, and each individual style will reflect a character, theme and feel for your customers. Whether its a pub, restaurant, hotel reception or even a 1st class lounge in an airport, the type of seating you choose will vary greatly.


A distinguished look is often associated with classic style seating. Think chesterfield, with deep buttons. Its hearty and you will have an immediate sense of comfort without even sitting on the chair. One of our most popular ranges comes from our banquette seating range; a Leather Chesterfield banquette seat:

Banquette leather back seating

The Chesterfield is a beautiful choice for pubs and is versatile for a range of rooms. If you however need a dining chair, consider something very simple. A high back which is common of chairs used many years ago. The Epsom dining chair showcases these characteristics beautifully.

Epsom dining chair

Modern chic

A recent trend which is turning a lot of heads, the modern chic look works by combining vibrant colours and patterns in a distinct style. It’s not too plain, but has subtle touches which lift colours and patterns. Again from our banquette seating range, we offer a button feature which can be used to showcase a mix of colours, working on a plain coloured base.

Modern chic banquette seating

If you want to go bolder, the Albertine Wingback chair is an exquisite beautiful tub chair. It is as versatile as you wish it to be:

Albertine Wingback Armchair

Another option, but plain colours and slightly less bold the Wing Back chair:

wing back chair


When you think minimalist, less is more and this is absolutely what it is. No fuss, few details, but simple elegant designs which showcase the structure of the seat more than anything else.

The Hoxton Bar stool is a great example of less is more. The frame is completely visible, and the seat & back support is the absolute bare minimum.

Hoxton bar stool

For even more simplicity, the Trieste bar stool is a typical stool made from steel legs and a veneered seat. Nothing more.

Trieste bar stool

There are so many different types of seats you can choose and as you can see, between the different styles, there is a lot of difference. Remember, choose the style which best reflects your venue and one which customers will be expecting.

If you need anymore help, we are more than happy to give more examples!