If you are looking to make some bold changes to your restaurant and you are looking to replace the furniture, don’t limit your imagination and go for the safe colours / styles you would normally choose. There are some beautiful ranges in furniture, especially with chairs with designs you would have not seen 5 years ago. Today we have chosen 5 restaurant chairs which we think symbolise modernity perfect for 2019.


We love this chair because of its striking presence without trying hard. A simple colour scheme of just 2 colours, just enough to showcase a bold restaurant chair. The Oakham chair is made from a vaneered back which is stained and polished in a dark walnut finish. The seat is available in either cream or chocolate faux leather. Width – 415mm, depth – 480mm and height is 830mm

Arona side chair

A classically styled chair with a modern twist. It follows a classic design; side arm rests connected to back support but this is where the modern touch kicks in. The back legs follow up a curved line joining the rear support which is separate from the seat. It can be customised in a wide range of options, with striped, plain and patterned fabrics available with some key striking colours. Dimensions are as follows: Seat height 490mm, back height 935mm, width 445mm and depth 500mm

Merano Chair

The Merano chair is a real crowd pleaser. It won’t have any problems in standing out. The beautifully arched back stands bold without the need of side arm rests. Its perfect for modern restaurants or even hotel lobbys. There are a wide range of upholstered fabrics available with button details if needed. Seat height 480mm, back height 820mm, width 495mm and depth 540mm

Parma chair

Another classically designed chair with a modern twist. The modern fabric designs elevates this chair making it suitable for any restaurant looking for a modern look and feel. Seat height 485mm, back height 820mm, width 550mm and depth 490mm

Parma side chair

If you like the Parma chair but need something slightly smaller, the Parma side chair is perfect. It still follows the elegant design of the Parma, but without the side arm rests. This saves around 60mm which although doesn’t sound a great amount, in a busy restaurant it makes all of the difference. Seat height 485mm, back height 820mm, width 490mm and depth 470mm.

We have a wide range of restaurant chairs available and most of them are customisable with a wide range of options from fabrics, colours and detail and if you need something bigger, we have an extensive range of banquette seating available as well. If you need any help choosing the right chair for your restaurant, contact us for more information

Tracey Sanders