Space saving ideas

We have worked with a lot of restaurants over the past few years and each restaurant has ranged in size. Some are huge with 2 levels of dining seating up to 200 people whilst others are tiny pop up restaurants in the city centre of London. Even though size varies so much, restaurant owners are keen to save space where possible, so that they can seat more diners, give their waiting staff enough room to get around and to make the venue look less cluttered. Here are some space saving tips which could help you in planning what type of seating you need:

1. Walls are your friends

Using the perimeter of your venue will allow you to make use of all of the space i.e. you don’t need to worry about spaces as unless there is a doorway, the wall is the end point for someone walking through. This is where banquette seating is an ideal solution. People often ask “does banquette seating save space?”…absolutely! Here is a prime example. You could (if you wish) run a large row of bench banquette seating across the wall and then have small or large tables running opposite. The depth of the seating is all dependable too, so if you are worried about the size it will take up, we have many options of seating which don’t require a huge amount of depth. You can see an example below:

space saving banquette seating

2. Choose your chairs carefully

Chairs like most things come in a wide range of sizes. For space saving, you will need to pay attention to the chair width. Imagine you have a table which should comfortably sit 4 people on either side, if you have a wide chair, this could reduce your seating from 4 to 3 each side. Multiply that by all of the tables in your restaurant and you could potentially lose 10’s of seats. Take for example 2 restaurant chairs below which we supply; both suitable for a wide range of application, but if you are saving space you will need to use a smaller width.

3. Booths offer privacy but also save space when done right

Back to back booths can seat a lot of people. Many pub chains use these. They offer private experience for diners but also without diners realising it, more of them can be seated. Typically in a booth, 10 diners can be seated. If you can fit 4 booths across a wall, that’s 40 diners across one wall and still the centre area for diners.


4. Use a mix of fixed and unfixed seating

Fixed seating is fantastic for busy venues whereby you don’t want your diners able to move the seats e.g. at a bar or in a busy nightclub, but for restaurants its a good idea to have flexibility with where you want to place your seats. If you have a very busy sitting, flexibility allows you to add more seats in where possible, but if your furniture is all fixed, it doesn’t give you this choice and doesn’t save space!

Like we mentioned earlier, every restaurant is different but there are so many ways to save space. Get in touch and we will help you make the right choice for you restaurant.