Restaurant seating

There are a lot of different ways restaurant owners can arrange seating in their venue. Small venues, large venues, or even pop up restaurants all have potential to maximise how many diners can be held whilst making a free flowing traffic route for diners and waiting staff. Today we are going to show you some layouts which show how to arrange seating for practical solutions.

Compact venues

small venues

There is a lot which you can do with compact venues as they are more versatile than you think. We have fitted a few restaurant / takeaway venues and rather than using tables with 2 – 4 seats per table, you can use booths mixed with restaurant bar stools. In the diagram above, booth seating will accommodate 18 seats and the restaurant stools will allow for single diners to sit comfortably. If booths were not used above, you would probably only be able to seat 10 or so diners, so missing an opportunity to sit more people.

Medium venues

restaurant seating ideas

The best way to make the most of space in compact venues is to utilise the walls. In the diagram above, blue rectangles represent tables, and the grey lines and large rectangles represent seating. In a small example above, we have shown how you could get comfortably 36 diners. The large rectangles use banquette seating which is one of the most versatile seating we offer. It can be built to length, width and depth along with a complete custom range of colours. It’s fixed so you won’t be able to move it, but that isn’t a problem. Flexibility is within the inner square where the simple table tops with 2 chairs can be moved to accommodate your needs.

Large venues

restaurant seating - large venues

With larger venues, you can be a little more creative. Again as with the 1st diagram, blue represents tables, grey is the seating area. The noticeable difference here is the large grey arch. Believe it or not this is bespoke banquette seating. We installed something similar to this for Ashas restaurant in Birmingham. You can place as many tables as you wish inside the inner circle, but we have based the above diagram on a more premium setting for diners, so used 2 seated tables.

On the left hand side, we have shown a clever way of using both sides of seating; back to back bench seating. 4 diners could sit each side which makes it possible for 36 diners to site alongside the wall. Within the main area, there is a lot of space, so using rows is a clean way of laying out tables.

If you need any help in deciding what you need, be sure to get in touch and we are more than happy to help you. For more inspiration, view our recent clients.