Bench seating, also known as fixed or banquette seating, is one of the most popular types of seating in restaurants. We understand how tough it can be selecting the most suitable type of seating for your restaurant as you will want something which looks great, feels comfortable and most importantly will last a long time. This blog will give you the key bits of information you need in helping you make the right choice for your restaurant.

What size should bench seating be?

This can vary a great deal and the best way to decide this is consider your audience. If you are catering for families, so children, adults and elders, the height of your seat should be approximately 420mm. The seat needs to be easy to get up onto with feet comfortably able to touch the floor.

When it comes to the height of the back, it depends on where you will be placing your seating:

  • Against the wall – You don’t need full height due to the wall behind, so you can go as high as 500mm
  • Private booth – For the right level of privacy, booths require a higher back. We recommend at approximately 800mm
  • Open booth – Used in many cafes, its a less private booth setting, so as high as 500mm is sufficient

Can you add storage to bench seating?

This is common in domestic markets due to the requirement for extra storage inside the home, but in commercial environments, we don’t actually many requests for this due to the security and practicality. It won’t be a great experience for customers who are dining and you need to reach for something inside the drawers. However, every environment is different, so if it is something you require, we can look at suitable options.

Is bench seating suitable for high traffic areas?

Yes, absolutely. We pride ourselves in the quality of furniture we produce as its built to last. The structure is built to support and will not break or move (due to banquette seating being fixed). The cushioning is high quality, so will not lose the firmness after a few months as this is contract furniture, specially designed for commercial requirements.

Will it take up a lot of room?

Not as much as you think. Bench seating can look misleadingly large, but this is due to the pronounced height.  When you look at the width and compare how many single chairs you can get into the same space, there isn’t much difference. The beauty with bench seating is that its a fantastic way to utilise wall space whereby you can then use single seats opposite the bench seating to accommodate as many or as few guests as needed.

Here you can see an example of booth seating:

Circular Private booth seating

You will notice a slightly higher back as this is to create a private experience.

High bench seating

The above is an example of bench seating with a lower seat but higher back. The requirement from the customer was to keep privacy form the outside, but open on the inside.

Colours & Fabrics

We work with a range of word class fabric suppliers; SEKERS, ILP, SUNBURY and AGUA, all of whom offer a wide variety of fabrics and colours for bespoke bench seating. Depending on the requirements and budget, we will work with you to achieve what you need. We work both with faux and real leather, and have a wide range of colours to choose from. For more exquisite desires, we can also incorporate required patterns and textures.

Our bespoke service is on hand to help you make the right choice and we are ready to help build your dream interior. We hope this may have answered some questions you might have had about bench seating, but if there is anything else, please get in touch