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Things to consider when using Banquette Seating

25th May 2012
Tracey Sanders

Using banquette seating can change the way that your venue looks and feels. It can create a striking focal point and the use of booths can help create areas and intimacy in larger spaces.


 Banquette seating will generally occupy less space for the same amount of people and provide you with the facility to seat larger parties as you can push tables together along a straight run of fixed seating. 


Customers can feel cosier on banquette seating and prefer the relaxed comfort and cushion of a booth. They generally find booths more intimate and fun than a standalone table and chairs.


 Whether you want your banquette seating to be low back or high back, include lots of cushions or none, be against a single wall or a freestanding booth, square or round, there are so many variations of banquette and booth seating that your design possibilities are endless. 


 Consideration needs to be given to the location of your banquette seating as it is fixed and can not be moved. Therefore, you need to make sure that you do not hinder the way customers and staff move around your restaurant to kitchens, toilets, entrances and fire escapes. 


 At Spiro Designs our banquette seating is generally manufactured off site and then fitted and fixed when we install it at your venue. However, there are instances when your space is quirky, with uneven walls, nooks and niches and in these instances we will manufacture the framework on site to ensure that it fits exactly to your space. 


 For those clients requiring extra storage space we manufacture most of our banquette seating with drop in seats. Drop in seats also allow for ease of re-upholstery should any of your seat cushions get damaged. 


 The upholstery choices that you make for your fixed seating are critical. Banquette seating is a large piece of furniture in your restaurant and by being creative with your fabric choices you can create a striking focal point. Never choose a dry clean only fabric as you will be unable to clean it and our advise would be to stay away from light coloured fabrics as today dyes from denim jeans transfers onto the upholstery and is nigh on impossible to remove.


 If you include fixed seating along a straight wall facing into the restaurant area with single dining chairs opposite, give consideration to those customers facing the wall and provide interest with your décor or mirrors to reflect what is happening behind them. 


 For inspiration and to see some of the banquette seating we have manufactured take a look at our banquette seating section, or for more advise and help just give us a call.


Author : Tracey Sanders


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