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Flat Table Bases

3rd Jun 2012
Tracey Sanders

The UK hospitality industry is starting to cotton on to the new self levelling table bases that provide a solution to the age old problem of wobbly tables.

Table bases that have Flat’s patented technology are unique in the fact that the technology is incorporated at the design stage of the table bases so you are not stuck with a bolt on afterthought.
When deciding on your table bases, don’t just base the whole choice on price. Consider your customers and their frustrations when eating and drinking from a wobbly table. Consider your staff and the time they take to adjust the feet at the bottom of your tables each day to try and get the tables stable. Adjustable feet go missing to exacerbate the situation and only for all that effort to go to waste as soon as the table is moved slightly!
Yes, they are a little more expensive than a standard table base, but they are remarkable in how the self-levelling and stabilizing system works no matter how many times you move your tables. These table bases put an end to the problems caused by uneven floor surfaces and wedging napkins or beer mats under your tables will become a thing of the past.
It is hard to find a floor that is completely level and Flat table bases provide a simple answer to ensure that your restaurant tables are always rock steady.
As these table bases become more and more widely used and we are already seeing the trend moving towards them, whether you are opening a new restaurant, bar or café or refurbishing your existing premises make sure that you have checked out and sampled a table base with Flat Technology before making your final decision.

Author : Tracey Sanders


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