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Why should you consider contract furniture?

9th Jun 2012
Tracey Sanders

Contract furniture

Furniture that has been specifically designed and manufactured for the purpose of being put into a public place like a hotel, bar or restaurant.


The simplest definition of contract furniture is furniture that is used for commercial purposes. Typically, contract furniture is used by restaurants, bars, nightclubs, cafes, universities, colleges, offices, and leisure facilities. The furniture itself can range from sofas, tub chairs, restaurant chairs and tables, café chairs etc. The list is almost endless.


When looking for your furniture, you may have come across the term 'contract furniture', but what exactly is it?


Contract furniture has to be durable enough to withstand the regular use it gets in these commercial environments and in comparison to domestic furniture (used in homes) it is much longer lasting.


The term 'contract' itself refers to the written agreement between the seller and buyer when the goods are bought. And when furniture is sold for commercial use in the UK, it has to meet a strict set of criteria to meet a number of British Standards.


In what way is contract furniture different to domestic furniture other than being more expensive?


Apart from the applicable regulations, furniture for contract use sometimes doesn't appear to be that different from furniture intended for domestic use. However, because contract furniture is intended for heavier commercial use, it needs to be far more durable and is manufactured to ensure that it is. When any contract furniture is upholstered it has to meet the relevant fire standards and current legislation ensures that any upholstered furniture sold has been rigorously checked and meets safety standards (BS7176 & BS5852:1990: ignition source 5).

Furniture for contract use must meet a minimum standard of Crib 5 and these regulations apply to everyone in the business chain, from the manufacturers and suppliers of the furniture to the owners of restaurants, bars, clubs and cafes where the furniture is to be used.

For this reason, if you're buying furniture for your restaurant, bar, café or club, you should only look to use contract furniture from a reputable supplier.


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Author : Tracey Sanders


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