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5 reasons to buy Tub chairs

22nd Jan 2013
Tracey Sanders

5 reasons to buy Tub chairs


Tub chairs are distinctly different from conventional chairs but they are different for all of the good reasons.  If you own a bar, café, restaurant or even hotel and you don’t know what tub chairs are, you may find this article useful as we highlight 5 reasons why you should consider tub chairs for your surroundings
1.  The design works
It’s clear to see that the design of a tub chair is not like a conventional chair.  For one, most tub chairs have a whole shape i.e. the arms are not separate.  This might look odd but when you sit in a tub chair, it’s extremely comfortable.  The back supports are excellent for posture and will not allow you to slouch causing you distress in your back.  They are built for one person and work well for one person.
2.  Easy to move
Nothing worse than struggling to carry a heavy chair across your reception area.  Tub chairs are not that heavy and can easily be picked up by one person.  In the hospitality environment, you need to be able to rearrange at any given moment – Tub chairs will not give you a problem if you need to move them
3.  Diverse
If you find a design which you like from our tub chair range, you can have it customised to suit your requirements (from colours to material).  If tub chairs are going to go in your café, bar, restaurant or hotel, you need to make sure they fit with the surroundings
4.  Hard wearing
In high traffic areas, these chairs are fantastic.  If they do fall over (their balance is incredible so would require someone purposely pushing it over) it will not break.  The chair doesn’t look fragile and that’s exactly how it acts.  They are perfect for an environment where you will be facing a lot of human traffic.
5.  Excellent choice for single seating areas
In areas such as hotel receptions there will be many guests who are alone.  Some people find it daunting sitting in a busy area by themselves, but with a tub chair, it offers exclusion from the outside environment as this chair cannot be shared.  It is extremely welcoming to the singletons and is a very popular choice for hotel receptions.
If you now are thinking that tub chairs are the choice for you, speak to our dedicated team and we will be more than happy to assist you in choosing the right tub chair for you.
Author : Tracey Sanders
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