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Tub Chairs : Enhance your reception area

14th Feb 2013
Tracey Sanders

Tub Chairs and Sofas

Customers very often are given an immediate impression of your company as soon as they walk into your reception area.  This is why a lot of companies invest a lot of money making sure their reception area's look spotless, modern and clean.  Today we will highlight how Tub Chairs can easily transform your reception area with very little effort.


Modern look


Chairs are obviously a must in the reception area, but they need to elegant and modern.  You will also need to recognise that reception areas will often have a lot of people by themselves.  With Tub Chairs, you can place several around a table and people will feel comfortable going over to one and taking a seat.


Ease of use


One of the great things about these chairs is that they are not too heavy.  Especially in a areas where reorganisation may be needed tub chairs are perfect.  




At Spiro Designs we offer both Tub Chairs and Sofas.  Sofas will offer 2 or 3 seating capacity and paired with a few tub chairs, the layout can look great for your reception area.  We have seen reception areas having a table as the centre piece with tub chairs and sofas surrounding it.




Tub Chairs and sofas look great but look fantastic once they are customized to suit our environment.  From the material to the colour.  This is extremely important as if you do see a set of tub chairs and sofas which you would like but the colour may not be right, please contact us as we will be able to customise them to suit your needs.


Author : Tracey Sanders


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