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Utilising Space within your restaurant

18th Apr 2013
Tracey Sanders

Utilising Space with Banquette Seating

Space management within a restaurant is almost if not just as important as the quality of the food.  If you are not using the space effectively, you could be missing out on customers and if your squeezing too many customers in, they may not come back due to their enclosed dining experience!  It's important to understand the different types of banquette seating which utilise both space and people so you can comfortably fit the right amount of people within your restaurant.

Back Wall

There is a simple solution when it comes to the back wall within your seating area. Use back banquette seating.  This type of seating stretches across your whole wall leaving no gaps.  This means that you then only need to provide single seats for the opposite side of the table.  Back banquette seating will not limit your customers on how many can be seated as it's up to them (if together in a group) how close they want to sit next to each other.  You can then pull and move tables around to suit different amounts of guests without too much effort / work.

Side Area

If you want to add some character and diversity within your seating area, the side areas are your prime opportunity.  Here you can use booth banquette seating to give your guests the option of sitting within their own private area - still within the main seating area but gives them a more personal experience.  Booth areas can be closed off around the sides thus creating more of an effect of personalisation.  

Central Area

The central area is where you will mostly use single seater chairs but there is another option.  Bench banquette seating offers a solution for smaller areas and is closed at both ends.  It will offer the look of a long seat (similar to back banquette seating) but is perfectly suitable for central areas where you still need space to move around.

We hope this guide has given you some insight into choosing the right type of banquette seating to utilise space, and as always, should you need more help, contact our dedicate team.

Author : Tracey Sanders

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