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Fixed seating - Have you considered it?

10th Aug 2013
Tracey Sanders

A lot of restaurants will put a lot of emphasis in their food and service (rightly so as well) as these are the most important factors.  Sometimes the seating area is neglected and in small restaurants, very often we have seen owners simply use free standing chairs.  They are flexible as in more can be dragged into an area in any given time so for an owner, these chairs are vital.  However, as an owner, have you considered fixed seating?  Today we are gong to focus on some reasons why fixed seating should be part of your restaurant layout.


Private dining experience


Customers relish the fact of booking a restaurant for a special occasion whether it be for a birthday, anniversary, any excuse is good enough to dine out.  Giving your customers the option of booking in a private area completely for themselves will give your customers more reasons to book in.  With fixed seating, or often known as banquette seating, you can create private booths.  We have installed a lot of these booths which run on the outside of the central area of the standard seating area.  The area is not cornered off and completely separate but what it gives diners is a booth via back to back fixed seating arrangements.  Groups or couples are then in enclosed in their booth and a private area is created.


Maximising space


As any owner would agree, maximising the amount of diners being able to seat in a restaurant is a must.  A long the walls or perimeter of the seating area, we have installed fixed seating to run a long these walls, facing towards the central area.  Then, tables are lined up against the fixed seating and flexible stand alone chairs are used on the other side.  This maximises the amount of people able to seat and you can then just alter the tables and free standing chairs.

We have also adopted this arrangement in waiting areas of restaurants.  Typically these areas are rectangular shaped with a central table in the middle.  Diners wait here until their table is ready and it is here where fixed seating is a fantastic option as without trying to squeeze as many seats as possible, fixed seating along the walls will create more than enough seats in a stylish and welcoming manor.




We understand the need for furniture to be of the right size, shape and colour and so that is why bespoke fixed seating is available.  This will allow you, the owner, to completely customise the seating so that the decorations, materials and colours match your existing furniture ensuring the new furniture is not ill fitting with the rest and blends in.


We hope this has given you some thought into considered fixed seating and if you would like to view our range of fixed seating.


Author : Tracey Sanders


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