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5 Pedestal Bar Stools we absolutely love

3rd Sep 2013
Tracey Sanders

As a contract furniture supplier and manufacturer, we only source products that we absolutely truly love and would put them in our own workplace.  Today we want to do a bit of showing off and showcase 5 of our favourite pedestal bar stools which we supply at Spiro Designs.  Its rare that design meets function but we believe these products do it brilliantly :


Dream Bar Stool 


Have you seen a bar stool like this before?  It's absolutely stunning and is far from a conventional type of stool.  There is no backrest but with the shape of the stool, there is no front facing.  Wherever you position it, it is ready for someone to sit on it  without having to turn it around to its correct position.  The trumpet base is available in either chrome or satin chrome and you can select from a wide range of fabrics and colours for the seat.  A definite contender for the bar, night club and hotel market.



ZX Bar Stool



Keeping on the quirky theme, the ZX bar stool offers an outspoken stem which is slanted, rather than being straight like a conventional stool.  The frame is made from stainless steel so no worry about it easily breaking and should you wish, the ZX bar stool also can come available with an upholstered back rest.


T-System Bar Stool



A modern take on a traditional stool, the T-System stool offers both foot rest and back rest.  We love this as it does what a bar stool should do but also offers a beautiful design.  It's a great example of design meeting function.  The stainless steel base will ensure durability of this product and of course, colours can be selected to your taste.


Question Mark Bar Stool



There are no questions that this bar stool is eye catching (excuse the pun).  It takes design and function to a new leather and we quite like it.  It even has a memory swivel to add that extra special touch.  What more can you say about it... its beautiful!  


Westminster Bar Stool



In at number 5 but by no means last, the Westminster Bar stool looks simple and that's what we love about it.  There are no  intricate details, but simple design and elegantly put together.  It's perfect for bars, hotels and restaurants looking for a modern, simple and minimalist look.  Choose your colours, fabrics and away you go.


Of course, we stock many more bar stools and we encourage you to take a look at our complete range.  Please let us know if you need any more help.


Author : Tracey Sanders


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